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samarth [dot] sinha [at] mail [dot] utoronto [dot] ca

I work at Luma building the next generation of 3D technology! I am also a first year PhD student at the University of Toronto with David Lindell and Igor Gilitschenski where I work on 3D reconstruction (currently on break from PhD).

Previously, I was an AI Resident at Meta AI Research London with David Novotny and Andrea Vedaldi. I finished my undergrad in Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto.  I was a visiting student at MILA working closely with Hugo Larochelle and Yoshua Bengio; I was also a visitor at UC Berkeley, working with Trevor Darrell and Zeynep Akata.

UPDATE: If you are interested in interning with me at Luma then please send me an email! 

Sam Sinha: Welcome


My current research interests deals with 3D vision, neural rendering and 3D reconstruction from videos. I am generally interested in how to train better computer vision models.

I have had the privilege to work with some amazing collaborators, and I am always looking for students and collaborations. If you are interested in anything on the website, please get in touch!

Sam Sinha: About Me


  • [Feb 2023] 2 Papers accepted at CVPR 2023! 👀

  • [Sept 2022] Started at Luma AI! 🚀 

  • [Sept 2022] Started PhD at University of Toronto! 🚀

  • [Aug 2022] Paper accepted at WACV 2023! 👀

  • [June 2022] Paper at L4DC 2022 was named a Best Paper Finalist! 🥳

  • [May 2022] One paper accepted at ICML 2022 and one paper accepted to UAI 2022 as posters! 🧠

  • [Mar 2022] One paper accepted at L4DC 2022 and one paper accepted at CVPR 2022 both as Oral!🤖 👀

  • [Oct 2021] We are organising a ICCV 2021 social for students looking to get involved in research! More info here!

  • [Sept 2021] Two papers accepted to NeurIPS 2021! 🧠

  • [Sept 2021] One paper accepted to CoRL 2021! 🤖

  • [Sept 2021] Started my AI Residency at Facebook London! 📝

  • [July 2021] One paper accepted to IROS 2021! 🤖

  • [June 2021] Finished undergrad at Toronto 🎓

  • [May 2021] Started internship at Amazon Research! 📝

  • [Dec 2020] One paper accepted to AAAI 2021! 🧠

  • [Sept 2020] Two papers accepted to NeurIPS 2020, including a Spotlight! 🧠

  • [July 2020] One paper accepted to ECCV 2020! 👀

  • [May 2020] Stared as a student researcher at the Vector Institute 📝

  • [April 2020] Two papers accepted to ICML 2020! 🧠

  • [June 2019] One paper accepted to ICCV 2019 as an Oral! 👀

  • [May 2019] Started as a visiting student at MILA 📝

  • [March 2019] One paper accepted to CVPR 2019! 👀

  • [May 2018] Started as a visiting student at UC Berkeley 

Sam Sinha: Text


Samarth Sinha, Jason Zhang, Andrea Tagliasacchi, Igor Gilitschenski, David Lindell
CVPR 2023 (Poster)

Samarth Sinha, Roman Shapovalov, Jeremy Reizenstein, Ignacio Rocco, Natalia Neverova, Andrea Vedaldi, David Novotny 
CVPR 2023 (Highlight)

Samarth Sinha, Peter Gehler, Francesco Locatello, Bernt Schiele

WACV 2023 (Poster)

David Novotny, Ignacio Rocco, Samarth Sinha, Alexandre Carlier, Gael Kerchenbaum, Roman Shapovalov, Nikita Smetanin, Natalia Neverova, Ben Graham, Andrea Vedaldi

CVPR 2022 (Oral)

Matthias Weissenbacher, Samarth Sinha, Animesh Garg, Yoshinobu Kawahara

ICML 2022 (poster)


John Chen, Samarth Sinha, Anastasios Kyrillidis 

UAI 2022 (Poster)

Samarth Sinha*, Jiaming Song*, Animesh Garg, Stefano Ermon

L4DC 2022 (Oral)


Samarth Sinha, Adji B. Dieng
NeurIPS 2021 (Poster)


Karsten Roth*, Timo Milbich*, Samarth Sinha, Ludwig Schmidt, Marzyeh Ghassemi, Bjorn Ommer

NeurIPS 2021 (Poster)

Samarth Sinha, Ajay Mandlekar, Animesh Garg

CoRL 2021 (Poster)

Haoyu Xiong, Quanzhou Li, Yun-Chun Chen, Homanga Bharadhwaj, Samarth Sinha, Animesh Garg

IROS 2021 (Poster)

Samarth Sinha*, Homanga Bharadhwaj*, Anirudh Goyal, Hugo Larochelle, Animesh Garg, Florian Shkurti

AAAI 2021 (Poster)

Samarth Sinha, Animesh Garg, Hugo Larochelle 

NeurIPS 2020 (Spotlight)

Samarth Sinha*, Zhengli Zhao*, Anirudh Goyal, Colin Raffel, Augustus Odena 

NeurIPS 2020 (Poster)

Samarth Sinha*, Homanga Bharadhwaj*, Aravind Srinivas, Animesh Garg

NeurIPS Deep RL Workshop 2020

Karsten Roth*, Timo Milbich*, Homanga Bharadhwaj, Samarth Sinha, Joseph Paul Cohen, Bjorn Ommer, Yoshua Bengio

ECCV 2020 (Poster)

Karsten Roth*, Timo Milbich*, Samarth Sinha, Prateek Gupta, Bjoern Ommer, Joseph Paul Cohen

ICML 2020 (Poster)

Samarth Sinha, Han Zhang, Anirudh Goyal, Yoshua Bengio, Hugo Larochelle, Augustus Odena 
ICML 2020 (Poster)

Samarth Sinha*, Sayna Ebrahimi*, Trevor Darrell

ICCV 2019 (Oral)

Edgar Schönfeld, Sayna Ebrahimi, Samarth SinhaTrevor Darrell, Zeynep Akata 

CVPR 2019 (Poster)

Sam Sinha: Publications
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